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Information for all Water and Sewer Customers in Crockery Township.

All residents pay the same rate for water and sewer.

Your meter reads in cubic meters: 10 cubic meters equals 2641.70 gallons.

Water Use: Used to pay the Northwest Ottawa Water System (NOWS) for water supplied.

Water RTS: Used to maintain water lines thru out the system, which includes our water tower and pump stations.

Water SC: Used to pay outstanding water debt.

Sewer Use: Used to pay Crockery Township "Clean Water Plant" for wastewater treatment & disposal.

Sewer RTS: Used to maintain sewer lines and pump stations.

Sewer SC: Used to pay outstanding sewer debt.

We offer budget plans. We will take your bills from the past year January thru December and divide by 12. This will be your payment for the current year, with an adjustment in December to zero out the account.

We also offer ACH payment options. Click here to print off the form to be filled out and returned to the office.

Your summer sewer use is based on your April water use. We have chosen this read because it generally is your lowest usage. This amount is used for the sewer use in July, October and January.

If interested in a budget plan please email us at or call 616-837-6868 and ask for Jean or Judy.



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Last updated on April 20, 2021